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About Inna

Inna is a self-taught artist and was born in the Ukraine in 1981 and moved to Portugal over 10 years ago. 

Inna has loved art since she was young and when she later became a school teacher, she found art very helpful in her work with children. Over time, she developed a strong feeling that she had to start painting, simply because she had so much to say to the world.


"My paintings tend to reflect my love of nature and explore the connections between it, the cosmos and the soul." 

"Painting is a wonderful way to express myself. My work is about true love and the energetic connection between man and woman."


"There is a deep connection between nature, the cosmos and the soul, and they bond together to tell the story about who we are deep inside ourselves."

Every piece of artwork has a unique story and message depending, on the way her intuitions guide her and what she feels she needs to share with those around her. 

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