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Tarot Card Reading


Tarot card readings can help you gain insight into situations in your life from the past, present and future. This is done by formulating a question or topic, drawing cards based on that topic and interpreting the meaning of the cards drawn to help you better understand these areas of your life and formulate a plan to move forward.


These readings can be useful whether you are looking to use the session to gain more insight into a specific area of your life such as your relationships, finances or karma, or you want a more spontaneous reading. Inna welcomes those whom she does readings for to come to the session with their own questions, but is also happy to do open sessions or to base the reading off one of the topics or questions she has pre-prepared

Personal Balancing Artwork

Are you looking for a personalised piece of art that’s different from a standard portrait?


Inna can create a unique painting for you based on the insight gained from your tarot card reading that will both reflect your current energetic state, and help to bring balance to the areas in your life that require it.

This artwork will act as a guide, to help you along your spiritual journey. The paintings will be filled with symbolic images, that will help bring balance to those areas that require it and remove blocks that could be preventing you from moving forward in your life and spiritual journey.


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